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By completing the form below, you support and challenge your runner to reach the Platteklip summit for a good cause.

Sponsorship is PER SUMMIT Minimum sponsorship is R100.00 (1 summit). E.G : If you sponsor a person for 3 Summits at R100.00 per summit that will be a total of R300.00. If the athlete does more than 3 summits your total is still only R300.00

You can sponsor an athlete for more summits that they are attempting. This means that you will be setting them a challenge to do more than they intended. If they do the extra summit, they will raise more money for the charity, plus you get to make them suffer!

OK, so you got it? 1 Summit at R100 = R100 , 3 summits at R500 = R1500.00. etc etc.

Please fill in all fields correctly. The reason that we need your mobile number is in case you move jobs before the event takes place and your email address changes. We will not sell or pass on ANY of your personal information.

The runner and yourself will receive an email to confirm your sponsorship after submission.

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