Results 2017

King and Queen of the Mountain


First Place
AJ Calitz 0:34:02

Second Place
Michael Davidson 0:37:00

Third Place
Robert Rorich 0:38:03



First Place
Chantel Nienaber 0:44:47

Second Place
Charlotte Noble 0:47:30

Third Place
Clare Travis 0:49:45


Most Laps Male

Michael Davidson - 9 Summits in 11:09:00

Most Laps Female

Chantel Nienaber - 9 Summits in 11:32:00


Most Money Raised

Vernon Galp - R48 850


Most Charity Challenge Events Completed

Renato Balona has completed all 9 events with a total of 58 summits.


Corporate Challenge Results 2017

First Place
Allan Gray - 28 summits in 50:37:00

Second Place
Seed Investments - 28 summits in 53:53:00

Third Place
Fairview Wine and Cheese - 24 summits

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Individual and Team Results 2017

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R10k Raffle

Elmarie Smith


Most Litter Picked Up

Jane Fraser


Tweet of the Day

Johnny Van Den Berg


Facebook Post of the Day

Kimberleigh Yeomans


Youngest Person to do 5 Summits

Adam de Waal 13 years old