Results 2018

King and Queen of the Mountain


First Place
AJ Calitz 0:34:44

Second Place
Oliver Linley 0:36:35

Third Place
Amelio Kannemeyer 0:37:49



First Place
Chantel Nienaber 0:43:25

Second Place
Julika Pahl 0:45:26

Third Place
Karoline Hanks 0:47:55


Most Laps Male

Mike Nash - 9 Summits in 09:25:20

Most Laps Female

Chantel Nienaber - 7 Summits in 09:46:18


Most Money Raised

Darryl Cooke - R35 395


Corporate Team Most Money Raised

Kagiso Asset Management - R44 920


Most Charity Challenge Events Completed

Renato Balona has completed all 10 events with a total of 63 summits.


Corporate Challenge Results 2018

First Place
Seed Investments - 29 summits

Second Place
Allan Gray- 26 summits 

Third Place
Futuregrowth Asset Management - 24 summits

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Individual and Team Results 2018

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R10k Raffle

Paul Cooley 


Social Media Mogul



Tweet of the Day

Phillip Gibb


Facebook Post of the Day

Chris Strydom



Connor O'Mahony