Ons Plek

No child should live on their own, on the street! Girls who forced to do so are in need of protection and nourishing. Ons Plek, meaning a place for us, was the name given by the delighted, previously invisible, girl street children when Ons Plek Shelter opened for them in 1988. Later, Siviwe Children’s Home, meaning God has heard us, opened for girls needing a second phase of treatment. Both provide intensive counselling, education and love.

Last year’s CCC funds paid for the Ons Plek children to attend school and receive extra homework help. This year, they are in need of funding for uniforms, including warm tracksuits and raincoats, giving them a sense of normality. Stationary and accessories like crayons and calculators are important, but most important is the homework help they receive which focuses on them individually and overcomes years of deprivation.

Visit www.onsplek.org.za