Ndihluthi provides one pot, cook and eat bags to under-privileged communities in Cape Town.

What started as a school project, quickly morphed into a life-line to many communities where food security is a challenge.

In 2018, three high school students had the idea of providing a “one pot meal” as a Community Service project. With the help of their mothers, they researched and tested the mix of ingredients, designed a logo and sourced packaging. After fund raising to cover the cost of the product, the boys set about persuading their friends to assist with packing the bags and distributing them to a local community thereby launching the Ndihluthi Pack-a-thon.

At the onset of COVID in 2020, Ndihluthi was already well established and perfectly positioned to scale up production by allowing families to Pack-a-lone while in lock down. This created an opportunity for over 100000 “one pot meals” to be distributed during lock down when they were needed most.

A simple formula of allowing students to serve their community while packing our formulated mixture of green split peas, flavoured soup powder and rice into a distribution pack; the Ndihluthi meal bag provides a nutritious meal for 4 people for under R15. Moving into our 6th year of service, we look forward to this partnership with the Cableway Charity Challenge.