Abalimi Bezekhaya

Abalimi Bezekhaya (meaning farmers of the home in isiXhosa) is a non-profit organisation teaching people in the townships to grow vegetables organically.  This is done through training, provision of affordable and accessible resources, as well as support with market access and organisational development.  The goal is to ensure organic food production for improved nutrition, health, food security and income generation. 

Funds raised from the 2023 Cableway Charity Challenge were used to provide training for 310 people to start their own gardens.  This three-day basic course included all theoretical and practical aspects from soil preparation and fertility, seedling production, planting, maintenance, pest management and composting.  A starter pack was provided to get the farmers going and this, along with ongoing support, provides much needed food security to their families.

Abalimi is very excited to be involved in the 2024 Cable Charity Challenge and the team will actively be participating in the event again.  Funds raised will be used to provide more people with basic training, while focus farmer workshops will be held for the 2023 beneficiaries so that they can learn more about nutrition, using herbs for first-aid and gaining additional farming skills. Resources such as compost and seedlings, are made available to farmers on a subsidised basis to ensuring success of their farms in the sandy soils of the Cape Flats.

Ongoing support is offered to the broader community through extension services, assisting with market access, social and organisational support and access to affordable resources.